Daedas inc


Designed & Developed By: Brad and Carlo


The original start-up that I was involved in coming out of university, Daedas was an energy management company that focused on developing new technologies for businesses to make them more sustainable.

During my time there I took the lead on the design and development of all new projects for the company and our clients, and really started to cut my teeth on modern web development practices. Carlo worked on much of the branding and promotional material for the company during that time as well. A few of these projects (APC.em in particular) are still maintained under Revelry.

So at the risk of going full vacation photo slideshow, here are the early years.






You can find the full site at: www.daedas.com



Designed & Developed By: Brad


A sub-project of Daedas, the Applied Professional Certificate in Energy Management (or APC.em), was an online learning management system developed for the University of Windsor faculty of Engineering to provide certified course material for the continued study of both professional engineers and professionals in the energy management industry. It was built with Ruby on Rails, and is hosted on the network of the engineering department.

You can check out the full application by heading to: www.uwindsor.ca/energycourse