Revelry Media Streaming Inc. is a Canadian company located in Calgary, Alberta. It was established with the mission of leveraging new technologies, like AI, to create content and tell stories that are missing in the current media landscape.

We are building the technologies today that will allow us to efficiently tell stories tomorrow and well into the future. Artificial Intelligence has provided us with the tools and capabilities to create entertaining content, without the large teams and significant investment which was required only a year ago. The technology is moving at an amazing pace and we going along for the ride to bring our ideas and concepts to audiences hungry for original stories.

We plan to have short form content published on platforms like Youtube, X and others in the Spring of 2024.

Technology + Creativity

We are building with AI tools in the areas of Large Language Models, Agentic systems, Image and Video Generation, Voice and Sound generation and editing tools to create high quality content of different types.